Beginning a semester with grace and poise. Or not.

I’m almost exactly six months into my new job: I am the Director of the Studio School for the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. I oversee about 1,200 students each quarter as they take about 140 classes and 60 workshops from 90ish instructors. I do this with one Coordinator, one part-time Registrar, and five part-time Customer Relations Associates and I think we do a pretty darn good job.

Tomorrow I start the week before the Winter quarter, and I am feeling a little sleepless. I have finally learned the ropes, and I can finally say I know quite a bit of what I don’t know. There is a lot I know from other realms: I have been a professional educator, designer, and artist over the years. But working in a small non-profit as an administrator? Yeah, still relatively new.

So I am recording my efforts here–I need to find community, mentors, examples, and most of all, perspective. My opinions are entirely my own, so please do not take my ramblings as representative of those of the Visual Arts Center. I love that place and if I make an ass of myself, it is not the fault of the institution, its employees, students, or admirers. That would all be on me.

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